Narrative from Music

What I found on GlobalVoices was not really an article but a video from a YouTube channel (The Sound Stage). The artist highlighted in the video is Shuangzi, a musician from Beijing. Shuangzi addresses Chinese upbringing and pretty much says that kids just need to be given the time to be kids. After the musical performance the band sits down to give an interview. American music is cited as the primary source of inspiration for style while daily life was the topic of discussion.

Further, this article from the China Digital Times also mentions that China’s Education System has been accused of taking creativity away from students by putting more emphasis on test scores.

In America during the 80’s rap music was used as a tool to speak out against government activity and to just express oneself without major repercussions, this act spread internationally and inspired¬†many countries experiencing injustices from their governments. Rap provided the people an outlet, allowing for musicians such as MC Yan and Shuangzi to speak out against pollution and the Education System.


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  • melaniehouston says:

    As a future teacher, I really enjoyed reading not only this article, but your comments about the article. I absolutely agree that schools in both China and America kill creativity by basing everything on test scores. I did not know, however, that people used rap music as a way to rebel against the government. I wonder the difference of success in this practice between China and America? Furthermore, I wonder exactly how much emphasis is placed on school tests in China?!

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