The “New Citizens’ Movement”, or Social History in the Making

I love how the research paper is so open and free, and yet it has put me in a very tight situation. I have been very fascinated in the art and hip-hop culture of China and would be interested in looking at its progression since inception with a sociological / psychological lens. And this was going to be my article without a doubt originally…

Then I discovered this gem…

Xu Zhiyong; Photo provided by Greg Baker/AP

Xu Zhiyong (许志永) – Photo provided by Greg Baker/AP

I was not aware of this phenomena going on in China actually, and the more I read the more I become interested in following this movement and making this my research topic, well not it by itself but also drawing comparisons to past Movements and their successes/failures.

To bring anyone who is not aware (and hopefully I am not only on just finding out about this!) up to speed here is the article, The New Citizens’ Movement, translated into English and written by the man pictured above, Xu Zhiyong.

The first paragraph of the article gives a good intro to what the Movement is.

China needs a new citizens’ movement. This movement is a political movement in which this ancient nation bids utter farewell to authoritarianism and completes the civilized transformation to constitutional governance; it is a social movement to completely destroy the privileges of corruption, the abuse of power, the gap between rich and poor, and to construct a new order of fairness and justice; it is a cultural movement to bid farewell to the culture of autocrats and subjects and instead create a new nationalist spirit; it is the peaceful progressive movement to herald humanity’s process of civilizing.

Since this article so much has transpired related to The New Citizens Movement, thankfully China Change has compiled all of the articles they have related to the movement (Movement Compilation).

As with all great movements though, it is always interesting (and in my opinion helpful) to start by looking at the history of the leader, or the one who started it all. My concern however, is that I wont be able to find much due to Chinese censorship. Curious though, what is you all’s impression of the New Citizens’ Movement? Do you think that it will accomplish ALL of it’s goals or just some?

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  • Eileen says:

    It seems to me that the goals of the New Citizens’ Movement is in line with traditional socialist values. There is a cycle between periods of economic boom and recession; when the economy is good, social justice is overlooked or hushed in favor of accelerating growth. When the economy slows or recesses, the trend changes in favor of equality and fairness. While I think that these trends may lead to greater accountability within the Party, I don’t think this movement will lead to the utopian socialist society envisioned, especially as China’s economy continues to grow.

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