Research Problem Rants

First things first, I LOVE research. The process and the feeling you get at the end of it all, one word. Amazing.

As a psychology and sociology major, I have an extensive background in research (3 statistics classes up to the advanced level, 3 methods classes, and I served on a year long research team last year and currently serving on another this year, this is excluding research papers for other classes too mind you), however, there is a problem though. I enjoy getting out in the field, designing ways to collect data and analyzing everything. I love to read (don’t get me wrong!), but I much rather get out in the field and collect stuff.

That being said, in the beginning some of the difficulties I faced was actually collecting some primary resources. Being told to collect resources, that was interrupted in my head as: go out and find the supplementary articles. This was remedied by talking with Dr. Fernsebner. Now, however, I have another problem. My topic is too interesting! That was not a good way to state my new problem, let me try again. My research topic has many very interesting avenues to explore, so I need to make sure that once I decide which route I want to take, I need to not wander into down another. Pretty much, I need to maintain a mindfulness of the time I am working with.

Some other problems I have a feeling I will face, this is my first paper in Chicago Turabian (I had to look that up to make sure I spelled it right), usually my papers are in APA or ASA. This I know will be a challenge for me, thank goodness for the internet though I suppose. I will talk to real human beings though when I need help. Also, I know it only made it a little difficult for me in the beginning to find primary sources, but again, I not being able to go out into the field, in this case it would be China, and collecting my data is a feeling I need to get used to.

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March 23rd